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Corbel, P. and Le Bas, C. (eds), Les nouvelles fonctions du brevet – Approches économiques et managériales, Economica, December 2011, 179 p.

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The way in which patents are viewed has changed considerably in recent years. From being a legal tool for protecting innovators against imitation, they have become a strategic resource whose uses differ from one sector and one company to another. The aim of this book is to take stock of this new approach to the functions of the patent, which is both an input and an output of the innovation process, a tool for protecting and gaining access to competitors' technologies, a competitive weapon and a tool for cooperation, a generator of new risks and a tool for managing these risks, a product of the real economy and a quasi-financial asset. It is aimed at intellectual property and industrial research professionals, economics and management researchers, as well as economics and management students and engineering students.

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Trois fiches sont consacrées aux chapitre 1chapitre 3 et chapitre 6, que j'ai co-écrits.

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