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AIMS 2002

Corbel, P. « Comment imposer un standard technologique ? Une étude historique du cas de la micro-informatique », Proceedings of the 11th International Conference of  the AIMS (Association Internationale de Management Stratégique), Paris, France, June 2002


This article aims at studying the genesis of the current microcomputer in a historical perspective with the aim of drawing lessons concerning the way in which a "dominant design" or a standard is imposed in an industry, and thus the strategies that are likely to lead to this result. In particular, we base our analysis on network externalities and on the resources and strategies developed in the existing literature. This research confirms the role that a company's resources can play in standard wars.  In the case of microcomputing, financial resources, production capacity and reputation seem to have been decisive factors. But resources do not explain everything. The strategies implemented have influenced the results in terms of standards. Our article shows that an adequate management of intellectual property rights, an alliance strategy (especially when it leads to the design of complementary products), and an aggressive marketing positioning can favor the advent of a standard. Communication strategies also play an important role. Finally, the date and pace of launch also had a significant influence in the case of microcomputing. It is therefore the use that is made of firm's resources as well as the possession of specific resources that allows a company to impose and then maintain control of a standard or a dominant design.


The paper can be downloaded on the AIMS web site following this link.

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